Our mantra is simple – eat pure, nutritious and raw whole-foods.

We believe in adding good things into your diet, rather than taking away from it.

About us

Coco Bliss

Coco Bliss was founded in October 2013 by two friends, Candice Roat & Mellita Rayner. The idea was simple, they just wanted to create what they wished existed. Having somewhere to conveniently get healthy, refined sugar free, superfood boosted eats and drinks when on the run and of course nailing that perfect acai bowl.

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Coco Bliss

Our menu is predominately raw, vegan, gluten free and completely refined-sugar free but so tasty you wouldn't even know it.

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26 Apr 2016

Coco Bliss as seen on The Great South East

We were lucky enough to have a little feature on the Greath South East recently and would love to share it with you guys. A little snippet of why we created Coco and why we think its so special >>> Coco Bliss Great South East

coconut milk pop

28 Jan 2016

DIY Dreamy Coco-Milk Pops

These delicious dreamy coconut & lime pops just so happen to be vegan. Not intentionally although it is a bonus, just because I LOVE coconut milk and use it often, so one day when I decided I felt like some home made ice-blocks and had limited pantry ingredients, Coconut Milk was it. Coconut Milk adds […]


25 Jan 2016

Coconuts & why we’re obsessed

THE HUMBLE COCONUT  We always preach that coconuts are one of the most incredible single food sources on the planet, but it even goes beyond the edible benefits. I watched a coconut show in Fiji last year where the locals showed us just how important the Coconut Tree is to their community and sustainability. Everything […]


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