Month: January 2016

DIY Dreamy Coco-Milk Pops

These delicious dreamy coconut & lime pops just so happen to be vegan. Not intentionally although it is a bonus, just because I LOVE coconut milk and use it often, so one day when I decided I felt like some home made ice-blocks and had limited pantry ingredients, Coconut Milk was it.


Coconut Milk adds such a yummy natural creaminess and sweetness to the pops. They’re free from refined sugar, vegan, gluten free and so refreshing with a heavenly combination of zest, coconut creaminess & just enough sweetness.

coconut milk pop

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Coconuts, oh coconuts


We always preach that coconuts are one of the most incredible single food sources on the planet, but it even goes beyond the edible benefits.

I watched a coconut show in Fiji last year where the locals showed us just how important the Coconut Tree is to their community and sustainability. Everything from the trunk (for timber) to the leaves (for weaving baskets, mats, hats, wrapping their food in banana leaf parcels for cooking) to the outer fiborous husk that houses the shell (used to make rope due to its strength & for broom bristles), to the shell itself (used for bowls, shell bras & burnt into activated charcoal), to the inner flesh (used as soft eating flesh, dried coconut chips, pressed to make coconut oil or coconut milk) and then of course the coconut ‘water’ which we love to drink.

If you were ever stranded on an island, coconuts are your hero.

So on that note, here are some facts about one of the coconuts most renowned derivative, COCONUT OIL, and why you should add some into your daily life:


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