Month: January 2017

Why we’re obsessed with Turmeric

It looks a little like ginger, until you cut into it and it looks a little like carrot. So what is Turmeric and how does this tiny little orange spice pack so much power?


Turmeric is often called a root vegetable, however its related to Ginger and is in fact a spice. It grows in Southeast Asia & is a staple in Indian & Asian diets and recipes. Its bright orange colour is highly pigmented and is often used as dye. Be careful, it really is powerful and stains quickly and easily!


So what is it exactly that has us so in awe of this little orange friend? Turmeric is best known for its anti inflammatory properties, and we now know that inflammation in the body is the biggest factor in cancer & disease. Inflammation is caused by things such as bad diet, sugar, gluten, allergens, stress, injuries, illness, pollution & pesticides. Inflammation is a sign of your immune system fighting hard and going into protective action. When symptoms of inflammation such as pain, heat, redness, and swelling dont subside quickly, its a sign of your immune system not working properly and allows inflammation to stick around longer than is healthy.


If you dig a little there are a plethora or reputable medical studies that have proven that turmeric and more specifically the natural wonder drug curcumin found in turmeric, have profound effects on fighting many different types of cancer. Curcumin is an incredible growth inhibitor of tumours and has been shown to inhibit the migration of cancerous cells. Although Turmeric alone isn’t a cancer cure, its proven benefits and positive effects are enough to make us add some to our daily diet and hope for the best.  Not to mention its potent antioxidant level will leave your skin glowing, so dose up.


You can get turmeric in ground spice form, however we love cold press juicing it for optimum benefits.  Our favourite blend can be found in all Coco Bliss stores now in our Immunity Shot: Cold pressed turmeric, ginger, lemon + a little raw honey.  Its small in a 30ml shot but its mighty. Try it and see how sharp your concentration becomes and how great you feel with regular consumption.


Turmeric, our true love x

DIY Clean Choc Mousse

A few months back we had some of the most beautiful, polite, confident children I’ve ever met come into our Bulimba store for a little chat on how refined sugar affects our bodies and moods, and some easy ways to replace refined processed sugars for kinder natural sugars and sweeteners.


These children were from Dream School, a home school based in Rochedale that believes in teaching kids about innovation and creativity and teaching their children outside the box (literally) to challenge their thinking. They had just finished watching “That Sugar Film” and what better place to come in and have a hands on experience enjoying unrefined foods than Coco Bliss.


Here’s a recipe we taught them and its one of our faves. Have a go yourself, its super easy and you can have some fun decorating them with different toppings and in fancy glasses for a delicious decadent tasting dessert that will impress your dinner party guests.




  • 1 can coconut cream (full fat)
  • 1tbl raw cacao powder
  • 1tbl organic maple syrup*
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 4 medjool dates (pitted)
  • 1tbl psyllium husk

*its important to use Organic Grade Maple from a Health Food store as this is high in minerals and contains no added sugar. Supermarket non organic maple has been heated and processed killing any health benefits



  1. Blend all ingredients together except the psyllium husk.
  1. Once blended and smooth add the psylium husk and re-blend briefly until mixed through.
  1. Pour into serving cups immediately before it sets in the jug. Fill cup just over halfway as it will expand and you need to leave room for toppings.
  1. In 2-3 hours it will be ready to garnish & serve. We love serving this vanilla coconut yoghurt and fresh berries


I am: High in fibre ✔

Gluten Free ✔

Vegan ✔

Rich in minerals & antioxidants ✔

Healthy serve of omega fats ✔