Summer Menu Preview

Summer Menu Preview

The last two weeks we’ve been working on photographing our new summer additions. We’re adding some fresh new additions to match our gorgeous Summer sun and sticky days and we’re giving some OG’s from way back when a little bit of a rest off the menu.
Think refreshing zesty flavours, gorgeous fleshy young coconut meat, luscious fresh juicy mango, icy cold watermelon frappe, and some new creations inspired by our recent trip to Bali.



We really pride ourselves on always staying ahead and working on being the best us.  The best Coco Bliss we can be and nothing else. To us not only is the taste important, but so is the vitamin and mineral boost, and of course the appearance. We believe our care factor being sky high is what keeps our brand strong, and hence why we have so much support from you guys.




One thing we want people to know when they see Coco Bliss and that big teal sign, is that if the rest of your day has let you down and you haven’t treated your body as well as you should have, then we’ve got you. Every mouthful of every product has nutrients in it. We mean every mouthful. All you have to do is look at our food and see the vibrant natural beauty and you see the vitamins and minerals.




Nothing processed, nothing refined, nothing that isn’t grown from the ground.



It’s so uplifting styling such gorgeous vibrant produce and knowing we’re putting together different bites and bowls that are truly nutritious and going to fuel our beautiful customers.



Sneak into one of our 5 stores next weekend and you’ll be in for a treat!

Paddington – Wintergarden – Hamilton – Garden City – Bulimba

Candice x